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Raspberry Cream Cheese Pie

I always avoid baking cakes in summer because the additional heat blast from the oven is unbearable. However, the abundance of fresh fruit in the freshest season would forbid such an abstinence. 
Therefore, I have decided to go for something inbetween: a cake which does not need to bake but is yet still a cake (yes I know, stupid rhyme). This has proven as such a good solution for so many different fruits. You can switch it up and add strawberries, blueberries, blackberries or red currant instead. Hey you could even just throw them all together! 
So if you are searching for a delectable summer cake 'alternative', try this. You should definitely make sure that the fruit is ripe and not too sour, as this cake does not contain too much additional sweetner. Also make sure to plan this a few hours ahead of eating, as it needs to cool before serving.

-110g soft butter
-1 pkg. of shortbread (around 250g)
-125g mascarpone
125g ricotta
-200g cream cheese
-2 tbsp. sugar /honey
-1 pin…

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