Peperoni Meatballs with Goat Cheese & Spinach

Did you also read the books from Astrid Lindgren when you were a child? If yes, do you remember Karlsson, the kid with the propeller who loved cinnamon rolls and meatballs? Well, whenever I make one of the two I'm automatically reminded of that funny, cheeky troublemaker! I hope you'll enjoy this new version of meatballs!

Ingredients(for around 12 meatballs):
-500g ground meat
-1 small onion, cut into small pieces
-1 egg yolk
-1 peperoni, seeds taken out and chopped into fine pieces
-150g leaf spinach, chopped 
-100g matured goat cheese, cut coarsely
-salt & pepper
-fat for the pan

1. Mix ground meat with the onion and egg yolk.
2. Add peperoni, spinach, cheese and a pint of both salt and pepper.
3. Form into even, round balls. Heat pan. Place meatballs in pan and roast on either side for around five minutes. Serve along with mustard.


  1. WOw! these really sound delicious! my meatballs are often very dry, butwith this feta cheese they'll hopefully be more juicy! i can definately also imagine them in an oriental type falafel thing... :D

  2. thanks!:)you're right, that would probably also taste delicious!


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