Apricot Crumble

I'm usually satisfied with a simple bowl of müsli for breakfast, but now and then I like to have something a bit more special for the start into the day. When I bought some apricots the other day I wanted to try out something new and ended up creating this easy recipe. It's perfect for anyone who likes a new 'twist' in the morning, or just something for the afternoon snack...I like it most with milk, it makes the crumbles so nice and soggy!

-fat for the form
-5 apricots
-100g butter at room temperature
-100g brown sugar
-20g grinded almonds
-100g flour
-1 egg yolk

Oven: Preheat to 200 degrees

1. Grease the form. Cut apricots into thin slices and spread into form evenly.
2. Cut butter into cubes and mix with the other ingredients, forming flakes with your hands.
3. Spread flakes on apricot slices and bake in the oven for half an hour.


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