Mousse au Chocolat


This is definetly my go-to dessert, the one that always pops into my mind the quickest when planning a dinner! It simply always hits it off with everyone who tries the first spoonful, and I always get the feeling that I havn't made enough. 
I found a similiar version to this in a french 'Elle' a couple of years back-yes, you heard right, in a fashion magazine!! But don't worry, this is not some crazy recipe with super expensive and weird sugar substitutes and the likes; it's a surprisingly simple and quick dessert that just always fits!

Ingredients (for 4 small bowls):
-80g dark chocolate (70% cocao)
-3 eggs
-3 Tbsp. whipping cream

1. Melt chocolate in a water basin. Seperate eggs. Blend in egg yolks and whipping cream. 
2. Whisk egg yolk with salt until stiff. Fold into chocolate mixture.
3. Fill into four small bowls or similar container, cover with pastic foil and refridgerate for at least an hour.


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