Red Currant-Macaroon Cake


This recipe is probably being posted a tad to late seeing as red currant season is almost entirely over...well I hope there are still a few ripe red currants hanging on bushes out there! Because this cake is simply a dream-not only for red currant-lovers. Red currant doesn't belong to my group of favourite fruits either, I often find it just to sour for my taste buds. But that's also due to the fact that I often snack from the not-yet-ripe-berries on the bush. Anyways,this cake brings it all together: you have the typical sour red currant tone which is perfectly softened up a bit by the almonds and cinnamon in the macaroon-layer and dough. Tempted? 

-500g red currants
-4 eggs
-400g sugar
-200ml sunflower oil
-200ml orange juice
-400g ground almonds
-300g flour
-1 Pkg. baking soda
-2 egg whites
-1 knife point cinnamon
fat for the form

Oven: Preheat to 200 degrees

1. Wash red currants, if freshly picked remove from stem with a fork.
2. Whisk eggs with 300g of sugar. Progessively add oil, juice and almonds and fold in flour and baking soda
3. Fill half of the dough into a fatted form and bake for around 20 minutes until the surface is light brown.
4. Mix red currants into the remaining dough and spread and pre-baked cake. Bake again, this time for around 30 minutes.
5. Whisk egg whites with 100g of sugar until stiff. Fold in cinnamon and 100g of almonds. Spread the macaroon layer on the cake and bake again for around 20 minutes until top layer is slightly brown. Tastes great both warm and cold!


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