Pear-Gorgonzola Toasts

So you wanted a quick lunch at home, not too simple, but not too much work either?
Well, then this is the thing for you! It's a fast, yet delicious meal for all those pear and gorgonzola lovers out there. The only 'time-consuming' part of this recipe is probably the toasting of the bread-if 4 minutes in the toaster can be called that...well, for all those who can't spare that time, this treat also tastes great if the bread hasn't been toasted, just make sure the bread is whole-grain!

Ingreadients (4 breads):
-4 slices of whole-grain bread
-1 ripe pear
-75g gorgonzola cheese

1. Toast bread until light brown. 
2. Cut pear into thin slices and crumble up gorgonzola.
3. Place pear slices evenly across toasts. Sprinkle gorgonzola on top.
4. Spread a tablespoon of honey across each toast.


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