Chicken-Pineapple Curry

Sooo...I thought it was definetly high time to post a curry recipe!! Besides my current little asia-obsession, I just absolutley loooove curry and make myself some every time I can get my hands on some coconut milk! Which just seems to be very often at the moment...I'm just still pretty fascinated by the idea that mixing a few veggies, chicken, curry paste and (of course!) coconut milk can end up being something sooo tasty! This is a new one of my 'curry ideas', but you can make basically any curry by just following the first steps.  If you don't have the exact veggies on hand, just leave them out or replace them by others. If you don't feel like chicken, leave it out or replace with tofu. Onion can be replaced by chives and pineapples by mmm...maybe mango? You decide!

-400ml coconut milk
-2 Tbsp. paenang curry-paste
-400g chicken, cut in cubes
-1 onion
-1 paprika
-1 carrot
-3 kaffir lime leaves (can be left out)
-2 Tbsp. fish sauce
-150g pineapple
-75g cashew nuts

1. Cut chicken into medium-sized cubes. Chop paprika, carrot and onion. Remove hard middle part of lime leaves and cut into thin slices. Cut pineappe into cubes.
2. Place 5 tabelspoons of coconut milk into a heated pan or wok. Leave at medium heat until it starts to simmer. Mingle curry paste into coconut milk and fry for around 2 minutes until small bubbles start forming on the surface. Fold in another 3 tablespoons of coconut milk and wait for another minute. The mixture should be very creamy at this point.
3. Add chicken and roast for 2 to 3 minutes. Toss in onion, paprika, carrot and lime leaves, bring to boil again. 
4. Mix in fish sauce, pineapples and cashew nuts.
Tipp: Apart from with rice, this also tastes great with thai glass noodles!


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