Pomegranate-Walnut-Ricotta Bulgur Salad

I must say, I'm very proud of this creation....but that's mainly because I wasn't expecting very much from the combination of pomegranate, ricotta, walnuts and dried dates-but I still decided to go for it! Why? Because inside and out of the kitchen we have to all leave the path of the known sometimes in order to discover all that the 'New' and 'Unknown' has to offer. Only this way are we able to progress and widen our horizon. And llet's face it, we don't have to all be adrenalin-junkies, but a lil' bit of excitement doesn't hurt anyone!
As this also applies to food, I decided to try a new kind of bulgur salad...something refreshing and slightly unfamiliar for the tongue, and it worked! The result pretty much made my day, and I'm sure it'll make yours too!

-2 cups bulgur
-1 very ripe pomegranate
-1 cup walnuts
-1/2 cups goat cheese
-1/2 cups ricotta
-5 dried dates
-cinnamon spice
-salt & pepper

1. Cook bulgur in hot water, following package instructions. 
2. Meanwhile, remove seeds from pomegranate; chop walnuts, goat cheese, ricotta and dates.
3. Thoroughly fold ricotta into bulgur, then add other ingredients. Spice with cinnamon, salt and pepper.


  1. wow! this looks delicious! i am gonna try this as soon as i get my hands on a nice pomegranate! :)

  2. Hi Clara,

    wir Mädels von MSH haben heute direkt mal in der Mittagspause deinen Salat nachgemacht (leicht abgeändert mit Rucola. weil der weg musste). Hier ist ein Bild von unserer Version: https://www.facebook.com/MyStyleHit?ref=hl Echt ein tolles Rezept! :)

    Liebe Grüße
    Josefine vom MSH-Team

  3. Hey!
    ich hab mir grad das ergebnis angeschaut, sieht fantastisch aus! :)


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