Joghurtdip with Feta and Olives

So you're searching for a great alternative when it comes to a little snack for inbetween? And you don't want it to be too much work? Oh, and it would be great if it could become one of those all-star foods, that just happen to always fit the occasion? So you could just alwaaayys whip it up, whether it's the fancy dinner party or when you're just looking forward to a lazy evening on the couch?Then you're looking at yor new best buddy when it comes to dips: this one goes great with veggie sticks like cucumber or carrots, but can also be served with crackers or even as a spread for bread. (I didn't mean to make that rhyme...) I got this recipe from the cookbook I've been drooling over last week already, Donna Hay's 'Fresh and Light', and I can just repeat it again: there sure are a lot of great recipes in it!! 

-100g feta cheese
-140g natural yoghurt
-1 Tbsp. lemon juice
-20g green olives

1. Purée feta, yoghurt and juice in a kitchen mixer. Add olives and pepper and hack some more.


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