Arugula-Dried Tomato-Walnut Topping

After going through my posts and seeing that I havn't done very many posts to bread toppings so far, I figured the time had come to do exactly that. But I wasn't really up for anything cleanly blended in a mixer, I wanted it to be messier. To have the chance to sprinkle the ingredients one after another onto the bread, see the harmony between the different colours-yes, it's all very photogenic- and variate the amounts of arugula, tomatoes and nuts. That's the great thing about this recipe and bread toppings in general-they allow a ton of variation!

Ingredients (2 bread slices)
-2 slices of bread, preferably brown/rye bread
-60g cream cheese
-1 handful arugula
-5 dried tomatoes, cut coarsely
-1 handful walnuts

1. Spread cream cheese on breads. Layer arugula on top. Sprinkle walnuts evenly across.


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