Banana Pancakes

Sunday is always a good day for a breakfast post. This is probably the simplest recipe I've ever posted-or rather, ever made full stop. Apart from the fruits o whatever else you want to add to it, you only need two ingredients, namely bananas and eggs. I made one portion for myself, so all I needed was one banana and two eggs.  
I found it rather strange at first when I found recipes that leave out flour and milk when baking. This whole 'Paleo' Trend isn't really my thing I guess. But you can barely taste the difference in these pancakes! They taste so nice and banana-ish, I'm definetly adding these to my 'fav-breakfasts' list!
It may be kind of difficult to form proper round pancakes with this mushy texture at the beginning, for me it worked best using a large spoon and just carefully placing them into the pan.

Ingredients (2 portions):
-2 very ripe bananas
-4 eggs

1. Mush bananas using a fork. Whisk eggs and fold in banana. 
2. Heat pan and add vegetable oil. Form pancakes and fry on both sides at medium heat for a couple of minutes. 
3. Serve with fruits, jam etc...


  1. ooooh yummy!!!!! these look delicious! i am gonna try making them next weekend! :*


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