Penne with Fennel-Tomatoe-Sauce

I never really liked fennel very much - but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one there! I only ever have anything to do with the funny-looking veggie when I drink fennel-tea while sick.    So, when I came across this recipe in Tim Mälzers vegetarian cookbook 'Green Box', I was sceptical at first, but I told myself that it couldn't hurt to try out a 'new' - or more fitting, not liked - vegetable once in a while. What can I say? I thikk you should also give this green another shot in your kitchen! Combined with tomatoes, lemon juice and cheese, that typically strong fennel taste doesn't take over everything else in this simple dish, yet still offering you a taste adventure!

Ingredients (4 Portions):
-400g penne
-1 fennel bulb
-4 tomatoes
-1 lemon
-8 tbsp. olive oil
-60g parmesan cheese, grated

1. Boil penne in salted water until 'al dente'. Keep 150ml of the pasta water.
2. Remove fronds from washed fennel. Place a grater in a large bowl and coarsely grate fennel and tomatoes. Press out lemon juice, mix with 4 tablespoons olive oil and spice with salt,pepper and sugar.
3. Add penne, pasta water and remaining oil into sauce. Spice to taste with salt and pepper.
4. Strew with parmesan and fronds and serve warm!


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