Spinach Salad with Strawberries and Chicken

I thought it was about time for a salad post again! And seeing as it's the time of year where fresh spinach is all around - and strawberry time is also around the corner - this salad is perfect.
It might be slightly difficult to find raspberry-vinegar and the two oils in a norml supermarket, but they make the salad taste even better than balsamico vinegar and oilve oil can. 

Ingredients (4 portions):
-3 tbsp. hazelnut flakes
-300g fresh spinach
-250g strawberries
-1 tsp. honey
-2 tbsp. raspberry-vinegar
-2 tbsp. hazelnut-oil
-3 tbsp. thistle-oil
-400g chicken, cut in cubes

1. Roast the flakes in a pan at medium heat until they turn golden. Let cool. 
2. Wash and dry spnach and strawberries. Cut strawberries into slices.
3. Fry chicken until through. 
4. Mix vinegar and honey, whisking in the two oils. Spice with salt and pepper. Fold dressing into spinach carefully and add chicken and strawberries. prinkle with nut flakes.


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