I love delicious yet simple recipes. Meals where you simply need a few minutes to whisk up something where your guests think it took you half a day. All you really need to make such impressions are a few great, fresh ingredients.
Last Friday I participated in a 'Running Dinner' with a friend of mine. I love these kinds of dinner events where everyone is responsible for one meal! It often takes some time for everyone to thaw at the beginning, but after the first course (...and second glass of wine) everyone is usually already pretty relaxed and open! We decided to prepare the apetizer, and wanted to try out something with a more summery 'flair'after all the rainy days. So besides making a salad, we made some bruschetta with tomatoes and basil. This antipasti reminds me of holidays in Tuscany and long summer evenings. Before I thought that bruschetta already implies tomatoes and basil, but bruschetta actually just describes the thin slices of roasted baguette! Besides this version, there are also bruschetta recipes without tomatoes out there, like mushroom or goat cheese bruschetta variations.
Ours turned out delcious and very garlicy, so if you're not really the garlic-fan, add half the amount! You can actually play around with all the ingredients, it'll turn out great in every way!

Ingredients (one bowl):
-3 medium-sized tomatoes
-1 clove of garlic, crushed
-1 handful of basil leaves
-thin slices of baguette bread
-3 tbsp.olive oil
-2 tbsp- vinegar
-salt & pepper

1. Boil 1l of water. Let tomatoes sit in the boiled water for 1 and a half minutes. Plunge into cold water immediatley after. Use a small knife to peel off the tomato skin. Cut into small cubes. Add chopped basil, garlic, oil, vinegar and spices.
2. Roast bread slices in oven for 1o minutes right before serving and add topping.


  1. Oooooh this one looks delicious! I didn't know about the bread slices either! haha- yummy! Such a good dinner 'dish' :)


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