Grapefruit-Mint Smoothie

I was really sad a coupleof days ago when I noticed two cracks in my blender. The soup I wanted to blend was leaking through the cracks-a total mess. For a moment I was absolutely convinced that I would never be able to create refreshing smoothies, comforting soups or fruity joghurts ever again.....til I had a spark of genius and decided to tape the cracks with black duck tape-okay, it really doesn't look soo great anymore (no more pics of the blender on here!), but it's up and running without leaks again! 

Just in time for a new smoothie recipe I thought. I'm not such a big fan of grapefruits, they look great but the taste isn't really my thing. When I do decide to eat them once or twice a year it involves vanilla sugar, more vanilla sugar and still always ends with a face filled with pain. But I've finally changed my mind about this fruit, all thanks to the smoothie you see above. Mingled with the sweetness of the strawberries and the refreshing minty touch, the grapefruit juice rocks this smoothie and even lands a spot on my fav-smoothie-hotlist!

Ingredients (2 Glasses):
-2 grapefruit
-14 fresh/frozen strawberries
-2 stalk of mint

1. Squeeze the grapefruit juice into the blender. Add halved strawberries and mint leaves.
2. Mix everything in the blender and serve in glasses.


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