Avocado-Peperoni Topping

This yummy avocado topping is a great snack alternative, quick lunch, dinner or even breakfast! I admit that I'm not really the 'hearty' breakfast-eater either, but this topping on a yummy bread will garanty you the energy boost you need to start into your day! 
If you're not all that into spicy, hot stuff,just leave out the peperoni and maybe add some small tomatoe cubes instead! It also goes well with nachos or tortilla chips - such a versatile food!

- 3 very ripe avocadoes
- 1 peperoni
- juice from half a lemon
- salt 

1.  Scoop avocado out of the peel and mash up with a fork. Make sure to still leave small chunks.
2. Chop the peperoni into very fine cubes and fold into avocado paste. Spice with salt (around 1 tsp.) and lemon juice.
3. Spread on the bread of your juice.


  1. That looks absolutely yummy! I am in love with avocado - so that is a recipe I would definitely enjoy!
    Big Hug
    Hella advance-your-style.de

  2. nom nom nom :D i am making this for myself tomorrow! i just happened to have bought an avocado today ^^


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