Almond Butter

I thought it was about time for another post for a bread spread. I already showed you guys my favorite peanut butter recipe, so now I thought it was time to let you in on my almond butter topping! 
Of course you can also buy your nut spread at your local grocery store, but making it by yourself not only fills you up with satisfaction, you also know exactly what's in it, so you'll be avoiding any weird and unnecessay supplements. 
Apart from being great as a bread topping, almond butter also goes great with fruits like apple and banana.

Ingredients (1 jar):
-200g almonds
-1 pint of salt
-2 tbsp. honey
1 tsp. cinnamon

1. Blend almonds with salt in a food blender.
2. Fold in honey and cinnamon until smooth.
3. Fill in glass jar. Covered, it can be kept in fridge for up to six weeks.


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