Chestnut Soup

If you're still searching for the perfect soup to serve as a starter at a Christmas dinner party, this is definetly a good choice! It's creamy, 'wintery' and soothing. It makes you want to take seconds and dip bread into it.That is, if you like eating chestnuts! But even if you don't like eating this nut cooked, you might still enjoy it as a soup. Just make sure to cook the chestnuts long enough and thoroughly peel off the outer brown shell. This takes some time and work, but it will pay off - trust me!

Note: These amounts are enough for two large portions or four medium-sized starters. 

- olive oil
- 1 shallot, diced
- 500g chestnuts (weight with shells)
- 500ml vegetable broth
- 200ml whipping cream
- salt & pepper
- nutmeg
- parmesan cheese and shallots for garnish

1. Cook chestnuts for 30 minutes at medium heat. Sieve and remove shell.
2.  Glaze shallot in oil and add chestnuts.
3. Deglaze with broth and add cream. Leave to simmer at medium heat for 10-15 minutes until chestnuts are soft.
4. Blend in a food processor and spice with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Top with cheese and shallots. 


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