Peniche, Portugal: Pro Fresco

When I look back at these beautiful pictures of Portugal, I want to just catch the next flight back! Besides visiting the capital we also spent a couple of days in Peniche, a small village on the Atlantic coast. Neither of us had ever heard of Peniche, so we were even more astonished when we met surfers from around the world who came to this tiny village in the hope of  'catching' the perfect wave. As this seemed to be Portugal's surfer hotspot number 1., we too decided to give it a try. It definetly was anything but easy! Besides the surf board being heavier than any of us had imagined (it always looks soo easy when they walk along the beaches with their boards....), we also had waves that weren't exactly close to beginner material. After several board-head encounters and being struck near my eye by one of the fins, I gave up, deciding that this was not my sport. I have to also admit that I'm VERY clumbsy, so don't feel demotivated by my personal experience!
Besides (kinda) riding the waves, we also came to the coast to try some of the amazing seafood. We found several places, but this one was by far the best. It was situated right behind some cliffs (second picture), giving way to a picturesque sea view. 
Besides being a restaurant, Pro fresco was also a fish shop with several huge counters displaying freshly caught fish in all shapes and sizes. So if you didn't find anything on the menu, you can also choose a fish from the counter and have it grilled or fried. We went for a fish from the counter, but many of the-mainly portugese- guests ate platters of delicious-looking seafood. We had some boiled vegetables and so-called tomatoe-rice with the fish, as well as a crab dip as an apetizer. The whole meal was excellent in its simplicity and really well fitted to the interior of the restaurant. 
So, if you are ever in the surroundings of Peniche or plan to make a stop along the coast on a roadtrip to Porto, make sure to stop by this gem!

Marginal Norte Apartado 173
Peniche 2520 - 909


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