Penne Rosso

I'm finally back with a new recipe! I could lie and say that I had a very buy November, but that's not the whole truth! Somehow I didn't feel very inspired in the last month, and the rare occasions when I did, it was either already too dark or I was too hungry to still take some pictures for the blog. So, I'm sorry about that! I hope this month will be better and filled with delicious christmas cookie posts!
This is a very simple recipe for the days when you don't want to spend too much time in the kitchen while still creating something yummy. I hope you like it!

Ingredients (4 portions):
- 400g penne
- 3 tbsp. pesto rosso
- 6 dried tomatoes
- 1 handfull of walnuts
- 2 mid-sized tomatoes
- salt & pepper

1. Cook and sieve the penne.
2. Cube dried and fresh tomatoes and walnuts.
3. Fold pesto rosso and other ingredients into penne. Spice with salt and pepper.


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