Barcelona, Spain: Lando

During a short trip to Barcelona at the beginning of April, my sister and I decided to visit the Fundació Joan Miró situated on the foot of the Montjuic. Inherently the architecture of the Museum was mind-blowing, the lineal white structure gave it a very clean form, drawing the attention to the paintings and sculptures. It is definetly one of my favourite Museums! So if you are in Barcelona, make sure to stop by, I guarantee you that it's worth it!
Well, after spending the morning admiring Miró's creativity, we were very hungry going back to the City. So we decided to eat at Lando, a new restaurant in the charming area of Sant Antoni, near the Montjuic. 

This former car workshop is now a stylish venue with amazing fresh food. The interior is super tasteful, with large windows looking onto the calm side road. As we were there for lunch, we went for the lunch menu where every course was made up of two alternatives. We both choose the grilled anchovies with a bed of tiny tomatoe, onion and parsely cubes for the apetizer - it was soo fresh and delicious! Something that taseted so much like the ocean. 
For the main course we both had the pasta with parmesan and a homemade pesto. Unfortunately I don't recall what the pesto was made up of, I just remember that it was heaven! 
I had a soufflé with green tea and berries for dessert and my sister went for the chocolate cake topped with espresso ice cream.  I have to say that my choice was very interesting but not quite my taste. But I guess you always have to try something new for a change!

All in all I can just say that I would recommend this restaurant to everyone in search for a sophisticated yet laid-back place to eat in Barcelona. The prices are also very adequate for what is being served, but this is of course a fancy treat, especially if you are travelling on a tight budget. So if Barcelona is on your list for summer destinations, make a note of this place!

Passatge Pere Calders 6 

Opening hours: 
Wed-Thu: 13:00-0:00h
Fri: 13:00-2:30h
Sat: 12:00-2:30h
Sun: 12:00-0:00h


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